“Rabbi Dr. Wayne Dosick has the extraordinary ability to blend worlds — to balance the rigors of scholarly, measured discourse, while writing as a Rebbe, and being a guide to the soul.
The Real Name of God is the rare book that introduces the reader to the Blessed Holy One, the sacred Presence that suffuses all life and experience. It is about being ready to say “Hineini” (Here Am I) to God - knowing that God has already made that commitment to us. The prayers and meditations that Rebbe Wayne has written serve as inspiring and very effective pathways to help us come to God, and surely find a growing sense of spiritual reward.
There are many in our contemporary times who are in search of spiritual guidance, but are not willing to sacrifice intellectual integrity. This book will allow the reader to adopt Rabbi Dosick as philosopher, guide, and friend, for he succeeds in speaking to the mind, the heart, and the soul. The world (Jewish and non-Jewish alike) is much richer for Rabbi Dosick's teachings.”

Rabbi Dr. Samuel Barth
Senior Lecturer in Liturgy and Worship
Jewish Theological Seminary